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You'll also find our legal business description on the E-Commerce info page of the Wirtschaftskammer Österreich:

Informationspflichten lt. ECG

Information according to the E-Commerce-Law (ECG)

about Print Alliance HAV Produktions GmbH

Print Alliance HAV Produktions GmbH
Faradaygasse 6, A-1030 Vienna

Phone: +43 1-797 85-0 (central extension 261)
Fax: +43 1-797 85-218
E-Mail: office@av-astoria.at und prepress@av-astoria.at
Internet: www.av-astoria.at

Commercial Register Number: FN 426711t, LG Wr. Neustadt 
Location of Business: Vienna
UID-Nr.: ATU69421529
Managing Directors: Ing. Mag. Robert Plaschko

Member of the Österreichische Wirtschaftskammer (Wien),
branch „IT and Consulting“, occupational group „Druck“

You’ll find our General Business Terms here (only in German).

You’ll find our detailed contact addresses under contacts and How to reach us.